• Minutes from 10/17 Meeting on Interviewing

    SMSTA Minutes 10/17/2013

    Next meeting- Nov 14th– talking about MAE admission

    Send Nicole Boyer your banner ID!  It will list this organization on your co-curricular resume

    Nov 4th Schuyler Math and Science Night! Sign up! Leaving VH at 5:15 to carpool, will be back in kville around 7:30

    Fall Festival! Sign up for shifts

    Decorating, Educational games, fun games

    Novinger Tutors – Tues, Wed, Thurs…contact Teah if you are interested!

    Nov 16th 1-2pm Library literacy day…reading, snacks, and crafts!

    Principals from Schuyler, Brashear, and Ray Miller

    Questions Schuyler- Jean Harding Brashear- Brett Doolin Ray Miller- Marianne Farr
    #1 thing they look for in applicants Passion for teaching and for helping children Looks for passion, tries to ask questions that lets him know what your true philosophy of education is More opportunities you have, the better equipped you will be for a future in education.Looking for teachers who have an interest in helping children and helping them learn, teamwork and flexibility are key.
    Interview Process Find someone on campus, go to the career center, etc. Practice! Look at the schools’ website and learn about the school. Be careful about name-dropping unless you are sure about that teachers’ reputation in the district. Interviews are formal- dress the part. Every single interview will ask “tell me about yourself.” Try to connect with interviewers on multiple levels, add a little bit of appropriate humor. Make a real connection- you will be remembered more. Personalize yourself! Connect with teachers around you, keep learning tricks from those that already have teaching jobs.
    Tips and Tricks Take your thank you cards and mail them the same day you interviewBe wary of your facebook and twitter…make sure they are appropriate! STAR (situation, task, action, result)…when asked a question in an interview, try to connect it to a real life situation you have experienced. Sub in as many schools as you can!
    General Advice Keep your mind open; don’t set your mind on a certain district or a certain grade.Wherever you do your internship, it is like an extended interviewBe honest! Don’t make up answers It’s ok to have a resume more than one page…just make sure the information isn’t repetitive and relevant! It’s ok to not have a perfect answer, be honest about your answers!
    I won’t hire anyone who I wouldn’t trust to teach my own child. Have a background of the school district before you go interview- know major programs and what initiatives are going on in the school. Just because you don’t get the position the first time doesn’t mean you are out completely.
    How do you promote yourself without seeming over confident? Withitness- be humble, but don’t hold back. Explain what you do well, connect experiences, but say if you thing you could have done something better. Confidence can be construed as arrogance…just be sincere. Know when to talk and know when to be quiet. Be sincere and honest about yourself. Don’t be “above” the people you are interviewing with.
    What makes someone standout in an interview? Don’t be obsessive…you will stand out but not in a good way. It is good to send a thank you note, but you don’t need to call every day. Look professional- if you don’t it stands out. Look the part! Make your resume stand out! Have multiple people check your resume.


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